Managed Plugin Updates

What is a plugin and what does it do?

Plugins can extend functionality or add new features to your website. There are many plugins to extend your websites such as WooCommerce (adds e-commerce to your website) page builders, SEO and performance enhancers.

What is a theme?

It is a collection of templates, fonts and colours used to define the appearance of your WordPress site. You could consider this the design foundation of your website.

Let us keep your site's plugins/themes updated?

Themes and plugins can occasionally have security vulnerabilities. As soon as the vulnerabilities are found, the plugin developers will release a patch to fix it. To ensure that your site remains secure and continues to function optimally, it’s important to update these regularly.

We receive immediate updates of critical vulnerabilities and we quickly update the site to keep you safe.

fortunegreen takes care of the WordPress core updates for you as part of our standard hosting. You can update your plugins and themes yourself but many site owners prefer us to do it on their behalf. Not only do we perform the regular updates but we ensure that the site is continuing to perform properly after each update. For a small monthly cost you can avoid the risk leaving your site exposed, patch bugs, and enhance usability, so it’s a win all around!

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