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Experts Call Heartbleed a Catastrophe

The Heartbleed bug may have exposed your confidential details to hackers and you should change your passwords.

What Is It?

Heartbleed is a bug which allowed the undetectable harvest of password information from  sites which may  include your bank, Gmail, Google, YouTube, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook,, Wordpress, Yahoo Mail plus many others

Am I at risk

Many sites were affected and your password information may have been compromised. Most sites have fixed the problem but if you have not changed your passwords to those site you could still be vulnerable.

What Should I do

The fix is simple, change your passwords.

Even if you think a particular site may not have been affected, why not be safe and update your password anyway?

Most high profile sites have fixed the problem and it is safe to change your password now. Of course, if you change your password prior to the fix you might still be vulnerable. You can use this checker to see whether a site is still vulnerable to Heartbleed 

In Australia some of the banks have been cagey and although they may say their sites are fixed, they are not saying whether they were previously vulnerable. So it’s a good idea to change your passwords anyway.

Mashable has a useful hit list of passwords you need to change now - click here to review

In our experience, most people are rubbish at password control, they forget them, they use the same password for multiple sites, they don’t change them regularly and they use weak passwords.

There are a number of excellent password management products out there which store and generate passwords for you. We use 1Password, it costs around $30 and it’s worth checking out everything it will do for you. Have a look here